My brother and sister

a foreign exchange

They both met in Brazil.

My sister had decided that, once she graduated, she would want to go on a high school foreign exchange. She raised the money through various different fund raisers, and finally paid her way through. The summer after she graduated high school she put on a rotary jacket, and headed to Brazil.

Arturo had a similar idea, and had told his parents his intentions to go on a foreign exchange. They agreed, and bought him a plane ticket. Likewise, he too put on his jacket, and headed to Brazil.

There they met, and started dating. When they returned, they had to get married as soon as possible. Arturo asked my Father for his blessing, and they headed to Vegas. However, they wanted a ceremony so their loved ones could also celebrate their marriage.

Here are some pictures from beautiful Mexico City, Mexico

The Ceremony

Until death do us part

We got to spend some time in a lovely town at 9,000 feet known as Real Del Monte. The ceremony was the next day, and it was a lot of fun to capture and to celebrate.