Taking engagement photos

We talked to Suzanne over the phone and she said she was interested in booking with us. A few months later, with their engagement shoot coming up, Suzanne & Tim decided they would like to do there photos in Shaver Lake, CA. We were ecstatic to finally be able to take engagement photos in one way of the places we started in. It also happens that both George and I grew up around shaver!

Before we do photos in any new location, we also make sure to scout out an area we think would work well. Some things want to be sure of before the shoot is that, there isn't a lot of people in the location, there is plenty of beautiful scenery, and we like to have a variety of backgrounds. We knew that Shaver was just the area we were looking for. We were a bit concerned because Shaver is usually very very busy, however it was the middle of the winter and there was no one to be seen. We got lucky and it wasn't even too cold outside being around 60-70 degree weather. There were also plenty of huge rocks that were easily accessible, a wonderful lake view on hand, and some wooded areas to add a little diversity.

Below are some pictures we took from that shoot!

what a beautiful wedding

We knew their wedding was coming up a few months after the engagement, and we once again found ourselves in a new venue. Their wedding was held at Wedgwood Weddings in beautiful west Fresno! We had a great time, met some memorable people, and one of us danced our hearts away ( while taking pictures of course ). These guys certainly knew how to throw a party.